NAF Association – Learn More about Enhancing Education and Training Initiatives

The 26th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference was successfully held on June 1 – 3 in Plano, Texas. Well over 300 attendees gathered to learn the latest in new trends, network with industry professionals, and seek solutions to increase operational efficiency. Go ahead and mark your calendars now for next year’s event scheduled for June 7 – 9, 2023 back in Plano, TX.

This conference was a great opportunity for me – fresh in the role and still considered the “newbie” – to meet members, business partners, and other industry stakeholders. I attended the sessions to learn about priority issues from the experts and connected with conference participants during the social events. This was an excellent venue to discover how the Association can increase the value of membership and attract companies to get more involved.

It was also an ideal setting for the for the NAF Association to share plans for expanded offerings for members, including the addition of new educational webinar offerings and a further developed compliance training program which has set the standard for the auto financing industry. The creation of new specialty networking groups, designed to create a space for folks facing similar challenges to come together for best practices sharing and the exchange of ideas, was also announced.

We have added a call for presenters submission form to our website to help support ourcenhanced education and training initiatives. We invite you to share your industry knowledge and business expertise as a presenter at one of our upcoming events; interested presenters can submit as many different topics as they like for conferences, workshops, or webinars. The Association is interested in identifying both experienced live conference speakers and skilled virtual presenters on engaging topics for online educational offerings.

This is an exciting time to be an active participant during a transformative period in our organization’s history. Visit the NAF Association website to learn more about how to join and take advantage of the benefits of membership today.