Agora Data and Harvey Mudd College Partner to Develop an AI-Powered Application for the BHPH Industry

ARLINGTON, Texas, October 26, 2020 ( – Agora Data, Inc., a finance solution provider of predictive loan technology, announced today its project sponsorship for the Harvey Mudd College Clinic Program. The Clinic Program was founded in 1963 and is a year-long project where seniors take their skills out of the classroom and apply them to real-world projects. Agora Data is working with the students and providing support for this special project to develop a revolutionary new AI-based application for BHPH dealers that also is expected to serve as a valuable educational tool for consumers.

The Agora Data Clinic project focuses on developing an easy-to-use mobile application to help optimize loan options for both the buyer and the dealer. This new capability will bring transparency and clarity for consumers who may otherwise have uncertainty when financing the purchase of a vehicle, and ultimately will help promote more equitable lending practices. The project will incorporate the effective use of data and integration of artificial intelligence including augmented reality and machine learning.

“I am looking forward to working with these high-caliber Harvey Mudd College students who have been put through the rigor of such a strong STEM and data science program,” said Chad Stilwell, SVP of Data Science, Agora Data, Inc. “The joint collaboration is a great opportunity for Agora to give back to this next generation of problem solvers and use this project to help provide additional financial guidance to a somewhat underbanked consumer segment. I look forward to cultivating the students’ talents and to seeing what they will build.”

“Providing students a real-world business case that helps to solve an industry challenge offers an excellent hands-on experience not found in the classroom,” said Darryl Yong, Professor of Mathematics/Mathematics Clinic Program Director, Harvey Mudd College. “The Agora Data project will advance the students’ experiential learning over the next two semesters and will challenge their thinking as they work in collaboration to simplify a true business need.”