Chicago Car Center Streamlines the Car Buying Process by Using Turbo Pass Reports with Each of its Customers

November 16, 2020 Chicago, IL – Earlier this year, Chicago Car Center began using Turbo Pass reports to streamline the verification process in all of its locations in order to help their car buyers get qualified for the right vehicle and the right terms, faster and with less hassle than in the traditional car buying process.

“Our highest priority is to make sure that the vehicles we sell fit the customer’s budget and needs. Turbo Pass helps us do this in a way that is easy for customers and we’re able to make quick decisions based on accurate information, says Roni Ramot, President, Chicago Center. “Customers and staff are pleasantly surprised with the speed of the process. As a sales organization, we get more done in less time and we feel better about setting our customers up for success right from the start by using Turbo Pass. There are so many different ways that our customers make money these days to support their families and Turbo Pass reports have allowed us to standardize the way that we verify all income types. It’s really simplified our lives and gets everyone in the dealership from sales to finance to underwriting on the same page all at the same time. I would consider that a small miracle as a BHPH dealer with multiple locations.”

Ken Jarman, COO and founder of Turbo Pass commented, “we look to partner with innovative and forward thinking dealers around the country who understand the need to utilize digital tools to help customers succeed and to minimize paperwork, wait times and hassle”. Chicago Car Center is certainly a leader in this regards among others and we are very proud that they are one of almost 1.500 users around the country that are pulling Turbo Pass reports to do right by its customers and lenders”.