defi SOLUTIONS Announces the Feature and Roadmap Expansion of defi SERVICING, the Software as a Service Solution for Auto Lease or Loan Servicing

Workflow automation and digitization introduced to help lenders increase productivity, efficiency, and return on asset

WESTLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)—defi SOLUTIONS, provider of defi SERVICING and defi ORIGINATIONS (software-as-a-service) and defi MANAGED SERVICING (servicing outsourced) announces an expansion of defi SERVICING features and product roadmap.
Top lenders in North America have long appreciated the stability and scalability of defi SERVICING. Both are essential to lenders growing their loan or lease portfolios. More recently, defi has built on the firm defi SERVICING foundation to focus on the introduction of a breadth and depth of new features and functionality that can help lenders ramp up productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Servicing teams reaching new levels of performance can significantly impact a lender’s return on asset.

The defi SERVICING platform now has over 700 features spanning all key servicing disciplines: onboarding, customer service, account management, payment management, cash management, default management, and maturity management. Over 375 features focus on workflow automation. Additionally, defi SERVICING integrates with major third-party service providers and offers a suite of APIs for easier connection to the servicing platform.

Over the next year, the defi team is adding another 150 features to the core defi SERVICING platform as well as 50 features to defi CONNECT SERVICING, the digital portal that brings customer to borrower regardless of day or time. Most feature development is focused on expanding workflow automation and self-configurability capabilities.

Through self-configuring defi SERVICING features, lenders can create a customized, curated experience for a lender’s servicing team and its customers.

In addition to using the defi SERVICING software, lenders can also outsource all or a portion of their servicing operation to defi MANAGED SERVICING. Whether expanding a portfolio, expanding servicing offerings, or simply in need of expert staff trained on the way a lender does business, defi can help a lender keep pace.

defi MANAGED SERVICING’s ISO-certified, 12-hour-a-day operation uses the defi SERVICING system to provide all of the previously mentioned servicing disciplines plus remarketing services.

As is prevalent across the defi SOLUTIONS organization, defi SERVICING and defi MANAGED SERVICING teams are dedicated to continuous improvement and applying their decades-earned expertise to not only meeting client needs but also offering outside-of-the-box innovation. defi’s unique combination of trusted originations and servicing software and outsourced managed servicing positions lenders to, in turn, provide the best possible user and customer experience.