defi SOLUTIONS Introduces defi MANAGED SERVICING, A New Way of Thinking and Talking About Auto Lease and Loan Servicing

Expert teams, ISO 9001 processes, and modern, proprietary technology lets lenders think differently about their end-to-end auto lease and loan servicing lifecycle

WESTLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–defi SOLUTIONS has announced a market realignment of the company’s technology-enabled, managed services outsourcing for lenders and introduced defi MANAGED SERVICING.

“It was time for defi to take the lead and talk differently about our unique ability to provide this service,” according to defi CEO Tom Allanson, “and for lenders to look differently at their end-to-end lending lifecycles.”

defi MANAGED SERVICING, formerly called defi BPO, manages the auto lease and loan portfolios of lenders. From initial customer interaction through final vehicle disposition, defi provides the know-how and proven processes that allow a lender to start-up a new servicing operation quickly or grow an existing servicing operation while maintaining budgetary expenses.

What’s unique?

Only defi provides enterprise-level originations and servicing SaaS systems and also can manage a lender’s lease or loan portfolio from end-to-end using its proprietary servicing system. This intersection of product need and desire for excellence results in defi SERVICING enabling the delivery of defi MANAGED SERVICING and in lenders benefitting from decades of defi team member expertise – in the lending industry and in the company’s own state-of-the-art defi SERVICING system.

“Across the board, it’s a win,” said Steve Bissett, defi VP, client services. “Our people know defi SERVICING inside and out. We can implement it. We can run it. We need only an introduction to your approach to business and customer service and can start satisfying your customers in less time than imaginable.”


• Rapid speed-to-market for existing or start-up operations
• Teams of experts ready to begin operation with no product training necessary
• A world-class, ISO 9001 certified operation

defi MANAGED SERVICING technology offers lenders and their borrowers improved response times and digital interactions through:

• AI-powered messaging that simulates human conversation through voice or text commands
• Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for hands-free menu responses
• IVR payments accepted anytime from anywhere without agent interaction
• Virtual Assistants that automate and personalize the customer experience
• Instant access to customer account information to inform and improve the conversation
• Click-to-call integrations that streamline agent interaction
• Callback for IVR that keeps a caller’s position in the queue