F&I Leader AUL Corp Promotes CIO Jose Fleites to Dual Position of COO/CIO

Hired as chief information officer in 2018, Fleites was Instrumental in the firm’s transformational growth into a full service, one stop F&I provider offering a full suite of finance and insurance products to dealers across the country

NAPA, CA – January 29, 2020 – AUL Corp (AUL), one of the nation’s leading automotive Finance and Insurance (F&I) providers, has promoted Chief Information Officer Jose Fleites to the dual position of COO/CIO, announced President and CEO Jimmy Atkinson. In addition to retaining his duties as CIO, Jose adds the role of Chief Operating Officer, applying his leadership and experience to the firm’s daily operations including claims, service support, operations, and human resources.

Jose joined AUL as CIO in 2018 and quickly transformed the firm’s IT systems, implementing new hardware and software that underly the firm’s customer relationship management and claims processing systems. These new tools provided AUL with the foundation and bandwidth to grow AUL from a single product Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) provider into a one partner, total F&I solution for thousands of dealers across the country.

“Since his arrival at AUL, Jose has been a visionary. He quickly and clearly identified the critical areas where we needed to modernize, constructed an amazing team to carry out the mission, and delivered beyond our most ambitious goals,” lauded Atkinson. “With these new systems underlying our core businesses, it was a natural transition to align the functions of claims and service support under one senior leader.”