NAF Association: Promoting a Sustainable Nonprime Finance Industry

There is something inspiring about being around others who care deeply about the same thing you do. Over the past month, I have attended industry conferences with auto finance professionals that served not only as educational opportunities but also as catalysts for innovation and collaboration. While much was learned in the conference sessions from subject-matter experts, I also found great value in the conversations I had with other attendees in the hallway, over lunch, or grabbing a coffee.

In my many years as an association executive across several different industries, I have always found the unity of membership to be incredibly powerful. Whether that unity is used to make an impact on a specific issue or to generally advocate for a stronger and healthier industry for all, it is that unity that makes all the difference in the world.

The NAF Association aims to be that force in the nonprime auto finance space. Our organizational mission is to educate and connect nonprime automotive finance professionals and industry stakeholders. By doing that in our day-to-day activities, our vision is to support and promote a sustainable nonprime automotive finance industry driven by ethical and responsible practices.

Membership with the NAF Association is valuable for many reasons. As an individual, you get access to programs that encourage interaction and collaboration with peers across the industry, robust compliance education, industry-specific member resource webinars and information, and so much more that contributes to your overall professional development. The benefits of membership are extended to all employees of a member company, so the value increases exponentially as more individuals take advantage of affiliation. That means your company benefits by having a more informed and connected workforce.

Your engagement with the NAF Association is a way for you to give back to the auto finance community. Association membership allows you to contribute to the overall auto finance ecosystem and use your talents, time, and resources to make a positive impact on your industry.

As we celebrate this season of gratitude, I am thankful to take part in this industry and for the opportunity to serve the NAF Association membership. Our remarkable volunteer leadership is setting the course for the NAF Association’s success, and we hope you come on this journey with us.

Cheers to you and yours, and best wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving!

Jennifer Martin
Executive Director, NAF Association

We are pleased to invite you on behalf of the National Automotive Finance (NAF) Association to become a member today.

The NAF Association is the only forum with an exclusive focus on the nonprime auto finance industry. Our organization supports its members with programming that addresses the challenges of sales finance companies, dealers, and third-party service providers. We’re confident you and your colleagues would benefit by taking advantage of the many educational and networking opportunities the NAF Association offers.

We have been active participants in the NAF Association for many years and the benefits have been invaluable. Membership has proven to be a great way to connect with others in our industry, and we have formed relationships over time that have provided sounding boards for exploring new ideas, working through challenges, and helping us grow as professionals.

In addition to personal growth and professional development, the resources provided by the association including market analysis, industry-specific education, compliance training programs, as well as access to solution providers, have resulted in operational efficiencies and stronger performance for our companies.

Here are some great benefits you and your entire team get when becoming a member:
• Members-only webinars on relevant topics
• Access to essential compliance education programs
• Industry resources, member news, and information
• Peer-to-peer collaboration
• Opportunities for learning and professional development
• Reduced fees for premier industry events and programs

Visit here to learn more about the NAF Association and to join today.

Thank you for your consideration and we hope you accept our invitation to join us. We look forward to welcoming you to the NAF Association community.


Paul Gillespie
President, NAF Association
GM Financial/AmeriCredit

Jim Bass
Chairman, NAF Association
Agora Data, Inc.