Ode to the Positive

I don’t know about you, but I’m done
With skeptical, cynical, defensive, fearful, angry
Those who refuse to see the good
Who desire for everything to spin into a zero-sum game
That pits winners against losers, ignores the positive in all aspects
Amplifies the fear in everyday life.

Instead of perpetuating this myth, here is what I will do
Reset myself and commit to something emotionally bold, celebratory, decisive
Take time to recognize, be resolute and honor the positive in everything I touch
Acknowledge that none of us likes the pessimistic and cynical
Instead I remember my cherished grandfather for whom I am named
From whom I learned to love the poetry of Burns, Donne, Frost and others
And the occasional recall of the right verse for just the right moment
“Freedom lies in being bold,” says Robert Frost.

As we celebrate July and the notion of “Freedom for All” in the U.S. and the world at large
Let’s be bold in how we work, contribute to the broader community
Move on from bad news, embrace the good that has come out of the last year
That may not always have received the same attention
To tell the stories of what has been achieved and what has been worked on
Even if not yet fully finished
See the best in each other and share that spirit around us at home and at work
Amplify the positive and drown out the negative
It won’t always be easy
Yet I think again to my grandfather and his beloved Robbie Burns,
“Now’s the day and now’s the hour.”

Let us and our industry lead the way.

Charles Sutherland, chief strategy officer, defi SOLUTIONS, has more than 25 years in technology management and strategy with companies such as Sagent Lending Technologies, Fiserv, and Accenture. At defi, Charles leads strategy, product management, and marketing with a focus on improving the experience of lenders and consumers.