PassTime and PayNearMe Form Strategic Partnership

LITTLETON, Colorado—August 18, 2020—PassTime, a leading provider of GPS Solutions, announced today it has partnered with PayNearMe, an innovative payment processing platform allowing businesses to offer multiple payment options for their customers, to provide an integrated payment solution.

The partnership combines PayNearMe’s modern and reliable payment platform known for making payments easy for businesses and customers with industry-leading GPS Solutions from PassTime to help mutual clients save time and improve the user experience.

The software integration will leverage PassTime’s payment reminders and device commands to automatically signal PassTime when a consumer makes a cash payment through one of PayNearMe’s 20,000+ participating retailers or when a consumer makes mobile electronic payments via debit, credit, ACH or mobile-first payment options, such as Apple Pay.

PassTime, which has been in business for more than 25 years, provides GPS Solutions for customers to connect their vehicles and protect their assets. The company prides itself on providing high-quality and reliable products, along with unmatched 24/7 live customer care.

“PayNearMe is one of the best payment platforms in the industry. Offering a mobile-first approach as well as every way consumers want to pay means our clients get more payments on time and consumers have more choices than ever before,” said Chris Macheca, president & COO at PassTime. “Partnering with technology companies such as PayNearMe that provide our customers value is what it is all about.”

“PassTime is a natural fit for the PayNearMe platform,” noted Michael Kaplan, Chief Revenue Officer at PayNearMe. “By partnering with a leader in the GPS technology space and integrating our innovative technology platforms, we’re helping our clients increase on-time payments, lower collections costs and incentivize better consumer payment behaviors.”

For more information on the solutions or partnership, please contact PassTime at 877-727-7846 or [email protected], or contact PayNearMe at [email protected].