RouteOne’s Digital Retail Services Now Include Customer Prequalification

RouteOne has enhanced its Digital Retail Services product to include a prequalification feature that delivers more qualified online leads to dealers from their website. Prequalification functionality provides dealers with visibility into a consumer’s credit worthiness and requires only the consumer’s name and address to request a credit score and credit report. This “soft pull” of credit is completed without an impact on the customer’s credit (i.e., no “hard credit inquiry”) and helps dealers match the appropriate vehicle and financing product at the beginning of the sales cycle. This process helps both the dealer and customer manage expectations and create a more efficient process with successful outcomes. This feature, available from 700 Credit, is seamlessly integrated into RouteOne’s Premium Digital Retail Services.

RouteOne adds prequalification to its suite of Digital Retail Services, helping dealers offer flexible solutions to meet the expectations of online consumers. RouteOne Digital Retail Services are available in multiple levels to best fit a dealer’s F&I processes. All of RouteOne’s embedded online F&I offerings provide flexibility and are packed with features to enable a variety of customer experiences including customizable branding, Mobile Point of Sale application with eSign, guided video tours, and multi-lingual functionality. A “Premium” subscription provides the highest level of engagement online and helps dealers automate compliance tasks such as identity verification, privacy notice, and Credit Score Disclosure Notices. The new prequalification functionality rounds out payment call and customer quotes to provide a robust online experience. All consumer data is automatically populated into the RouteOne Deal Manager for the dealer to continue to work the deal with Menu and eContracting, reducing duplicate data entry and digitizing the F&I process.

“As the industry evolves, so will the innovative products RouteOne delivers to their dealers,” stated Amanda George, Chief Product Officer, RouteOne. “We are pleased to have 700 Credit integrated into our Digital Retail Service product and excited for dealers to enable prequalification and offer their consumers even more options.”

Dealers interested in RouteOne’s Digital Retail Services, including prequalification, can subscribe by logging into the RouteOne platform and navigating to Admin, then Premium Services; or by contacting their RouteOne Business Development Manager at 866.768.8301 or