SVR Tracking Launches Buy-Here, Pay-Here Industry’s First Low-cost, Entry-level GPS Tracking Device

SVR Repo is the first-ever no-frills GPS solution for budget-conscious auto dealers who simply need to locate their vehicles for repossession

San Diego, Calif. – July 20, 2023 – SVR Tracking, a leading provider of asset management solutions for the automotive industry, has released the Buy-Here, Pay-Here industry’s first no-frills GPS tracking device. SVR Repo is a simple, low-cost GPS solution for auto dealers whose only goal is to locate their vehicles to be repossessed.

Leveraging its patented technology, SVR Repo provides the essentials a dealer needs to get the job done:
·         Comprehensive coverage across all of North America
·         Location reporting every 10 minutes
·         Unlimited “locate now” functionality
·         Over-the-air capabilities, enabling dealers to update and manage their device remotely
·         Vehicle recovery mode to facilitate a smooth repossession
·         Configurable starter enable/disable, allowing for remote control of the vehicle’s starter system

SVR Repo saves dealers 25-30 percent compared to SVR Tracking’s premium GPS offering, and 15-20 percent compared to their standard GPS solution.

“In a world where costs seem to only go up, we recognized the need for a budget-friendly, entry-level GPS device,” said Diego Tebaldi, Chief Operating Officer at SVR Tracking. “Not every Buy-Here, Pay-Here dealer wants to pay for sophisticated features like geofencing and multiple alerts. So, we developed a price-conscious solution for dealers who just need GPS to repo the vehicle.”

Tebaldi says SVR Repo is the right fit for dealers who don’t currently use GPS due to the price point, as well as dealers who already have a GPS but don’t utilize its advanced features.

Executives from SVR Tracking will attend the BHPH Super Forum hosted by NIADA, Nov. 9-11, in Austin, Texas. Company representatives will be available to discuss SVR Repo, as well as SVR Tracking’s full suite of GPS products. To schedule a meeting, email [email protected].