SVR Tracking Unveils SVR504 Wireless GPS Device with 5-Year Battery Life

SVR504 leverages patented Smart Power technology to minimize energy consumption, eliminating the biggest challenge of self-powered GPS units

San Diego, Calif. – March 22, 2023 – SVR Tracking, a leading provider of asset management solutions for the automotive industry, has released its newest GPS tracking device. The SVR504 combines the convenience of a self-powered device with one of the longest-lasting batteries in the industry.

The SVR504 enables auto dealers, lenders and insurance companies to:
Track and recover vehicles anywhere in North America for 5+ years – The SVR504 leverages SVR Tracking’s patented Smart Power technology to maximize battery life. This technology can automatically lower power consumption during extreme weather conditions or in areas with limited network coverage.
Avoid costly, time-intensive installations that require certified technicians – The SVR504 is simple to install and can be placed in the vehicle by anyone. SVR Tracking provides “best practices” guidelines to help.
Enhance protection against theft – Wired devices can be easily located and removed by thieves. Due to its wireless architecture, the SVR504 can be placed in a variety of unique spots where thieves would never look.
Have confidence their GPS devices will last – The durable SVR504 is environmentally sealed against dust, water, and high-pressure spray water intrusion. That means it can be installed on any type of vehicle, including ATVs, other sports recreational or amphibious models.

“We are excited to see the industry impact of a wireless GPS with such a long battery life,” said Diego Tebaldi, Chief Operating Officer at SVR Tracking. “The SVR504 is the next evolution of our very successful SVR502, which lasts up to three years, so we can now offer customers both short- and long-term wireless GPS solutions. We continue to innovate and extend our product portfolio for all our channel partners.”

Executives from SVR Tracking will attend the NAF Association’s Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference, June 7-9, as well as the NIADA Convention & Expo, June 19-22. Company representatives will be available to discuss the SVR504 and SVR Tracking’s full suite of GPS products. To schedule a meeting, email [email protected].