Synchronizing Solutions: White Clarke Group Partner Up with Solutions by Text

Finance technology company White Clarke Group is pleased to announce an integration partnership with automated SMS software company Solutions by Text as part of their efforts to provide fast, convenient means of regular communication between lenders, dealerships and customers.

ATLANTA (March 10, 2020) – The integration coordinates White Clarke Group’s existing CALMS loan origination software with Solutions by Text’s automated outbound messaging services, allowing lenders send informative SMS notifications on the progress of ongoing applications.

In addition to the configuration of automated outbound text notifications between parties, Solutions by Text offers customer identity authentication to validate customer phone numbers and an opt-in data capture function to ensure TCPA compliance.

The service also offers White Clarke Group customers a convenient method of uploading and retrieving document image submissions and the ability to provide instant feedback from underwriting or funding teams on the approval status of loan applications.
“Our recent partnership with Solutions by Text opens up new avenues for fuss-free communication with customers,” said Jonathan Dodds, CEO at White Clarke Group.

“Customizable and flexible integration with existing systems means that White Clarke Group can offer an additional customer-focused service compatible with CALMS Loan Origination Software – providing maximum utility with minimum hassle.”

“We are so proud to be associated with White Clarke Group,” said Danny Cantrell, CEO/Founder at Solutions by Text. “It’s a foregone conclusion that with a 98% read rate in 3 minutes or less, texting customers is, effective, efficient, and helps create lasting relationships. Combining this capability with an exceptional loan origination software is a home run.”