Top Five Reasons Why You Should Join the National Automotive Finance (NAF) Association

There are many trade associations and professional organizations out there. But how do you choose the right one? Which one will nurture your personal growth? Which one will cultivate your professional development? And how do you make sure membership will support your business operations and promote employee education?

The NAF Association is the only forum for the exclusive benefit of the non-prime auto finance industry, addressing the challenges of sales finance companies, dealers, and third-party service providers. At its core, the NAF Association believes that every consumer with the desire and means to purchase a vehicle should have fair, responsible, and reasonable access to automotive financing. We strive to improve our industry through collaboration and education across all parts of the auto finance marketplace – it’s all about community and working together to create a healthier and more sustainable industry.

An investment in the NAF Association allows all employees at your organization to take advantage of the benefits of membership. So, how do you know if the NAF Association is right for you? Membership has many advantages, but let’s break it down and focus on the top five reasons why you should join.

Reason #1: Grow your Network
Joining the NAF Association offers excellent networking opportunities. By attending events and engaging in association activities, you can make business connections and increase the number of people you can call on for guidance. Being part of the association also helps reinforce the industry’s best practices. Especially if you’re new to the business, attending association events can help get you onto the same page with your colleagues. Even if your company has been an industry leader for a while, association events can help corroborate or expand on what you’re already doing. As a member, you will enjoy discounted advertising space in the Non-Prime Times, our successful publication that reaches the entire industry. Engagement with the NAF Association encourages you to share your expertise and passion for your work with others.

Reason #2: Access to Critical Compliance Training
The NAF Association compliance educational programs are designed exclusively for the auto finance sector, offering programs for both the compliance professional and front-line staff. The NAF Association offers the Consumer Credit Compliance Certification Program to help compliance professionals at consumer finance companies and other stakeholders in the industry tackle the increasingly difficult challenge of complying with federal and state regulatory requirements. The Compliance Certificate Program was developed specifically for our members, and these online programs provide focused compliance training for finance company front-line staff. Today, compliance is at the forefront of auto finance management, and it is critical that your company has an educated workforce.

Reason #3: Leverage Industry Resources and Education
The NAF Association provides a venue for a lively exchange of ideas between industry stakeholders with different strengths and perspectives. You can gain exposure to new approaches, discover new technologies and business strategies, and impart your wisdom to others through exchanging ideas with others. The new Ask to Answer Forums – Operations+ and Originations+ – were designed to create an environment for members to learn about the latest trends in the auto finance space and facilitate dialogue with other industry professionals. Long-term membership in the NAF Association signals your extensive knowledge of industry best practices and commitment to regulatory compliance. These networking opportunities allow for ongoing, informal learning through conversations with others.

Reason #4: Benefit from the Annual Survey
The Annual Non-Prime Automotive Financing Survey provides the industry’s only measurement of growth and change. The information in this report is gathered yearly from a varied group of finance company executives and analysts who contribute data. The findings offer unique and significant information to help identify trends. Each year, the survey contents are refined to streamline the process and produce metrics relevant to a broad audience. This annual survey has proven instrumental in helping member companies benchmark and establish best practices, supporting the overall industry, while offering crucial insights into market and customer trends and enhancing business operations.

Reason #5: Participate in the Annual Conference
The Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference is where the non-prime auto finance industry meets. This premier industry event is a highly regarded experience where attendees gather to increase their knowledge and hone their skills. Beyond hearing from top-notch speakers on relevant topics, you’ll have the chance to engage in conversation with other industry stakeholders, inspiring you to deepen existing relationships and forge new ones. The dual business and compliance tracks offer something of interest for everyone and you’ll walk away with newly acquired, actionable information. Plus, the exhibit hall features solution providers offering varying products and services that are vital to your field.

There are plenty of great reasons to join the NAF Association. But I hope you will also consider one more important point about the value of affiliation – participating is fun! Spending time with others who have common goals can lead you to some of your best and most enduring friendships. Additionally, having strong industry relationships can deepen your connection to your work and investment in your business.

Become a member and start taking advantage of the benefits of membership with the NAF Association today.