TurboPass Announces the Addition of Five Non-Prime Lenders Now Accepting its Best in Class Reports to Verify Income, Employment, Identity and Address

With over 2,000 current dealership users now with the ability to pull TurboPass reports, the company has announced adding the following lenders to its already impressive list of lenders, including Westlake Financial, Turner Acceptance, Automotive Credit Corp, First Help Financial, that now accept TurboPass reports from its dealers: United Auto Credit, headquartered in Irvine, CA Lobel Financial, headquartered in Anaheim, CA Veros Credit, headquartered in Santa Ana, CA Western Funding, headquartered in Las Vegas, NV Local Finance, LLC, headquartered in Miami, FL.

“What these companies have in common, besides now accepting TurboPass reports as a way to speed up funding and help avoid fraud and losses for both the dealer and the lender is that they have been leaders for many years, in helping non-prime customers get back on their feet with needed transportation”, said Mike Jarman, co-founder and CEO of TurboPass. “In addition, these companies are innovators that understand the importance of using new digital tools, and they know how to best serve their dealer clients as well as their borrowers”.

Ken Jarman, COO and co-founder of Turbo Pass commented, “our dealer users are the ones that have been most effective at encouraging the auto lending community to utilize TurboPass reports, because they see the benefits up close”. As AJ Giblin, GM at Honda of Jefferson City said in an email to the company, “one of the toughest stips in the industry is POI for self employed customers. Banks statements take a long time to get, are tough to discern, and are interpreted differently from bank to bank. Many dealerships don’t or won’t even go down this road due to the difficulty. Westlake is using Turbo Pass right in their backend tool. Once I signed up with them, I immediately did two deals that probably would have gone to a different bank, certainly would have taken an additional 2-3 days to sign, and may never have happened because time kills deals” “The feedback from AJ at Honda of Jefferson City, is the type of feedback that we love to hear and is the driving force behind the growth we have experienced from both the dealer and lender side, and why we are so very excited about the future”, Mike Jarman, commented.

TurboPass Corporation is a financial technology software company based in Austin, Texas focused on automation, Saas, and Cloud-based solutions for automotive dealerships, banks, and Finance Companies across North America. https://www.turbopassreport.com/