We Need to Hear from You

In this issue of Non-Prime Times, Joel Kennedy, president of the NAF Association, has written an excellent article about the Association. In it he writes about expanding lender participation and involvement. I would like to expand on that topic.

The Association builds its educational programs, conferences, webinars and annual survey around issues that are important to the non-prime auto financing industry. The industry is continually changing. New technology is introduced to improve operational performance, cyclical patterns return to challenge portfolio performance, there are new regulatory requirements, different skill sets are needed by employees, etc. NAF Association administration can identify some of these needs, but feedback from the membership and other industry executives can assist the Association in prioritizing these issues.

The NAF Association will be sending a survey asking you to provide your perspective on the most relevant issues facing the industry. Please take a few minutes to complete and return it so that the Association can use that information to better serve your needs. Also know that I always value hearing from industry leaders about what is causing them to lose sleep.