Westlake Financial Announces New Commercial Vehicle Financing Program

Los Angeles, CA – Westlake Financial (Westlake) rolls out new Commercial Vehicle Financing Program. This new program will be available in eight markets and will expand nationwide throughout the year.

Westlake’s Commercial Vehicle Program allows dealerships to offer financing of up to $65,000 for vehicles ranging from Cargo Vans to Big Rigs. Terms can vary from 36 to 72 months, depending on the vehicle mileage, with minimal stipulation requirements. This new program is available in the following states: Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Maine, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio and Virginia.

“We are always looking for new avenues to help dealers finance more customers,” stated Pamella Teixeira, Manager of Business Strategy and Analytics at Westlake Financial. “Our commercial vehicle program fulfills the request we had received from many auto dealers across the country.”

Active Westlake Financial dealers are able to submit commercial vehicle applications from DealerCenter, DealerTrack, RouteOne, or CUDL for approval. Dealers looking for more information on our Commercial Vehicle Program can visit www.westlakefinancial.com/commercial-vehicles.

Westlake Financial, a subsidiary of Westlake Technology Holdings, is an indirect auto finance lending company with a network of dealerships nationwide. Dealers interested in signing up with Westlake Financial are invited to contact Westlake directly at 1.888.893.7937 or online at www.westlakefinancial.com.