World Finance Drives Business Growth with White Clarke Group’s Loan Origination Software

Alpharetta (July 29, 2020) – World Finance has successfully implemented White Clarke Group’s CALMS Loan Origination Software (LOS) to maximize the efficiency of its operations.

The partnership delivers sophisticated underwriting and funding functionality to World Finance’s processes, automating loan origination and improving transaction speed.
World Finance initially selected White Clarke Group to complete a Proof of Concept, which involved the implementation of the company’s CALMS base origination product with the client’s configuration. Within 90 days, the proof of concept trialled successfully at three World Finance branches.

The companies then proceeded with full implementation of the LOS. This process involved the inclusion of additional features and commenced rollout at all World Finance branches before September 2019.

“We piloted a number of loan origination software solutions to find the best all-round fit and felt that CALMS provided the level of detail we were looking for,” said Jason Childers, SVP of IT at World Finance. “We’re pleased with the quality of the product, which has improved the efficiency of our processes to help us better serve our customers.”

Shim Mannan, EVP Product and Business Development at White Clarke Group, commented: “We’re thrilled to have been selected by World Finance. The success of this project can primarily be attributed to the strong partnership between the World’s IT and Business teams, and their counterparts at White Clarke Group. This implementation strengthens our position in the Consumer Finance space.”