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Hurricane and Wildfire Seasons: Three Ways Servicers Can Get Help to Customers Fast

With Hurricane Elsa soaking the East Coast and the worst drought in decades threatening the US West, loan servicers are finding themselves in familiar...

Auto Finance Companies: How to Tackle Both Sides of the K-shaped Recovery – Digitally

After a long career managing collections and servicing shops, I have a habit of preparing for the worst. As consumers find their financial footing,...


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Statutes of Limitations: Some Guidance for Vehicle Finance from the Ninth Circuit

Many finance companies, debt buyers, debt collectors, and collection law firms wrestle with the question of which statute of limitations to apply when collecting...

Beware! The Fair Lending Bear Awakens from Its Slumber

The Equal Credit Opportunity Act and its implementing Regulation B (collectively, "ECOA") prohibit discrimination against protected classes (e.g., race, national origin, gender, age, etc.)...


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Ode to the Positive

I don’t know about you, but I’m done With skeptical, cynical, defensive, fearful, angry Those who refuse to see the good Who desire for everything to spin...

Reading the Signs

Putting credit statistics in perspective On April 5, the Wall Street Journal published an article about sub-prime borrowers falling increasingly behind on car payments. The...



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Scorching the Earth for the Sake of Equity

Imagine a government agency pursuing an agenda that, in order to correct a perceived problem, it ultimately eliminates that business function. That is the...

Calling His Shots – Acting Director Shares His Vision for Aggressive CFPB

If you’re a baseball fan, you probably know that it’s one of the most disputed stories in all of sports – did Babe Ruth...


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Food Fight!

Image courtesy of @Nerdmatters store on Etsy The food fight scene from Animal House always reminds me of the auto finance environment. Applications tossed around...

Helping Sub-prime Buyers Out of the Credit Crevasse

In a society dependent on personal transportation, the buy-here, pay-here dealers and sub-prime finance sources provide essential services for a significant number of Americans....


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