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Why Digital Retailing is Increasing Fraud, and What You can do About It

No doubt, digital retailing is here to stay in automotive, and it is growing like wildfire. However, while most of the world thinks the...

How Does an eVault Transform Dealer and Sub-prime Lender Digital Operations?

With the continued increase of e-commerce, in 2021 the number of digital consumers stood at 2.14 billion – this means approximately 27.6 percent of...


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FTC Charges Dealer Group with ‘Unfair Discrimination’ and Charging ‘Junk Fees’

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has had a target on auto dealers for a couple of years now and has recently brought another case...

Prepare Now for New FTC Regulations

Now that the comment period is closed for the proposed changes to the Federal Trade Commission regulations, the retail automotive industry is waiting to...


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Why You Need a Website Privacy Policy

Privacy is a growing area of regulation in the United States, and not just for large institutions like national banks. If you do business...

George Washington and the FTC’s Fair Lending Ambuscade

To paraphrase George Washington, in its recent action against Passport Auto Group it could be said of the FTC: The FTC is not reason, it...


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Breaking Down the Safeguards Rule Incident Response Plan Requirement

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has given financial institutions six additional months to comply with the new Safeguards Rule requirements. Auto dealers who offer...

Time for a Tune-Up? Service Provider Relationships Under the Safeguards Rule

You may have heard some squeaking lately, investigated a little further, and determined that all the noise is about the Federal Trade Commission's Safeguards...


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How AI Is Helping Lenders Build More Systemic Controls As They Navigate Increasing Regulatory...

At the onset of 2023, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the New York State Office of the Attorney General filed a complaint...

How Financial Durability Insights Help Auto Lenders Entering 2022

Between government stimulus checks, loan accommodations, and fewer opportunities to spend on discretionary items like vacations and travel because of pandemic restrictions, the overall...


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Organized Crime – Exploiting the Gaps in the Credit Process

Organized crime rings are heeding to the shift, looking for ways to maximize their overall operations without being prosecuted for their illegal activities. Long...

Police Arrest Shop Owner Who Refused to Surrender Vehicle

Some repair shops seem to ignore the law with impunity. We recently sought the assistance of law enforcement when a shop owner refused to...


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