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defi SOLUTIONS, the Leader in Originations Software Development, Primes the Industry for Innovation with defi ORIGINATIONS for Lease or Loan

defi to debut its much-anticipated originations solution at AFSA Vehicle Finance 2024

WESTLAKE, Texas – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Building on decades of successful originations software development and as a next step in its dedication to continuous improvement, defi SOLUTIONS is releasing defi ORIGINATIONS, the modern, modular originations system designed for efficiency and productivity and architected to set the stage for innovation. defi ORIGINATIONS is powered by the ambitions of defi and clients to innovate and disrupt the industry for the benefit of dealers and borrowers.

With expertise developed from the delivery of two industry-topping originations systems, honed through close, long-term partnerships with North America’s top lenders, defi ORIGINATIONS offers self-service configuration with performance guardrails.

• On a technical level, defi ORIGINATIONS is modularized and architected using cloud-native, SaaS-based technologies for lightning-quick processing times, scalability, flexibility, and advancements such as artificial intelligence.
• On a functional level, defi ORIGINATIONS is designed for no-code configuration, automation, peak performance, and the ultimate in efficiency.

defi ORIGINATIONS is feature rich, results driven, and flexibility focused to allow a lender to run a total loan or lease originations operation on a single platform.

• Fully configurable features and access to out-of-the-box integrations and system APIs support easier adoption and eliminate the need for the time and expense of professional services.
• The architecture, automated processes, and configurable workflows drive performance and scalability to provide the speed needed for bigger payoff through the quickest decisions and improved look-to-book ratios.
• Flexibility through no-code, admin-facing, customizable features, and automated configuration promotion, lets clients define system behavior, add products, adjust lines of business, enhance the user experience, and quickly move configuration from one environment to another. This reduces errors, improves quality, and increases productivity, without the need for development.

“defi ORIGINATIONS is about putting power in our clients’ hands. With modularized architecture, a built-in decision engine, 1000+ features, and vast libraries of pre-configured functionality that can be easily modified, clients can self-serve at will to the benefit of their businesses, users, dealers, and borrowers.”

defi ORIGINATIONS gives lenders the ability to customize as fits their needs. Robust libraries offer pre-existing, self-configurable rule sets for integrations, workflows, rules, policies, features, and reports; Wizards are available so clients can easily build from scratch and create more. Complex pricing matrices and independent credit flows dedicated to automated or manual decisioning or funding are easily edited and reduce risk and boost ROI through precision pricing and decisions returned in seconds. An intuitive product directory provides a comprehensive explanation of the multitude of complex features available.

defi ORIGINATIONS features a clean, consistent, personalized user experience with a user interface that recognizes what clients have been doing and indicates what’s up for underwriter review. The UI/UX provides an obvious next step progression for speedier decisions and all-day comfort of operation.

“At defi, we believe in and commit to innovation, and we also believe in invention and transformation that comes from understanding a need and not blindly delivering what’s asked for but instead taking time to solve real-world challenges in ways that may not have been considered. defi ORIGINATIONS is the result of having worked alongside the most successful, innovative lenders in North America for decades.”

For more information on how defi ORIGINATIONS can help you prime for innovation and achieve your ambition, get in the queue for a demo today.

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