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LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS and Gestalt Tech Partner Providing Lenders Enhanced Credit Data Storage, Reporting, and Analytics

Jacksonville, FL: LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS (“Launcher”), a leading SaaS technology provider specializing in automotive and consumer loan originations, is thrilled to announce its integration partnership with Gestalt Tech and its SaaS data warehouse that empowers lenders to take advantage of the market trends in analytics, AI, and automation.  This collaboration offers lenders streamlined access to appTRAKER LOS data within Gestalt’s comprehensive credit data storage, reporting, and analytics solutions thereby breaking down barriers between lenders and their data.

appTRAKER Loan Origination System provides a rich dataset that is accessible via an API in various data formats, accommodating the diverse needs of lenders in the automotive and consumer loan sector. However, the expertise and resources required to effectively consume and load this data can be overwhelming even for large lenders with dedicated data warehouse experts.

This partnership leverages the combined expertise of Launcher and Gestalt Tech in the lending industry to not only enhance data accessibility through streamlined integration but also support lenders by simplifying the process of data management and analysis within Gestalt’s cloud-based, smart data warehouse.

Launcher and Gestalt Tech have distinguished themselves as industry leaders and together, they offer lenders the advantage of accessing data in an optimal format for easy consumption within Gestalt’s data warehouse. With this pre-built data integration, lenders can swiftly onboard and derive actionable insights from the Gestalt platform.

Nikh Nath, President of Launcher, emphasized the user-friendly nature of appTRAKER LOS, stating, “A key benefit of appTRAKER LOS is its rapid deployment of a fully customized and intuitive system, which does not require lenders to allocate dedicated technology experts for setup or ongoing maintenance”. Nath added, “The integration with Gestalt Tech aligns with our framework, allowing lenders to enhance their data utilization without the need for additional engineering resources or the maintenance of a separate data warehouse.”

Gestalt Tech simplifies reporting with its prebuilt data model, offering enhanced customizability to meet specific needs. With consistent use, the Gestalt platform adapts, providing tailored insights that facilitate productivity gains, time, and cost savings, and strengthened partnerships with key stakeholders.

This partnership between LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS and Gestalt Tech signifies a commitment to innovation and excellence in serving the evolving needs of lenders. Together, they are empowering financial institutions to make data-driven decisions with confidence and efficiency.

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