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Mid-Conference Summary: The NAF Association’s Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference

The 28th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference has been an exceptional event so far, filled with insightful discussions, innovative exhibits, and vibrant networking opportunities. Now at the midpoint of the conference, let’s take a moment to recap the highlights and preview the exciting sessions and events ahead.

Roundtables and Deep Dives: Collaborative Insights
The roundtable and deep dive sessions proved to be an excellent cornerstone of the conference, providing an invaluable platform for peers to exchange knowledge and experiences. These expert-led sessions stem from the NAF Networks, a member-benefit networking group program, and covered a wide range of topics critical to our industry, including:

Collections: Innovative strategies to improve collection rates and manage delinquent accounts effectively.
Risk Management: Discussing effective risk assessment tools and techniques to minimize defaults and maximize returns.
Operations: Best practices for streamlining operations to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Leadership Development: Cultivating leadership skills and strategies to drive organizational success in the non-prime auto financing sector.

The collaborative nature of these discussions has fostered a deeper understanding of the challenges faced and the opportunities ahead, reinforcing the value of shared knowledge and collective problem-solving.

Power Hour Speed Networking: Connections Made Fast
The Power Hour speed networking session was a highlight for many attendees, offering a unique and efficient way to make numerous professional connections in a short time. Participants engaged in rapid, structured networking rounds, allowing them to introduce themselves, meet new people, and lay the foundation for potential collaborations. This session not only helped break the ice but also laid the groundwork for meaningful partnerships and professional relationships.

All-Kiosk Exhibit Hall: Interactive Learning
The all-kiosk exhibit hall has been buzzing with activity, showcasing the latest innovations and services in non-prime auto financing. The interactive nature of the kiosks allowed attendees to:

• Experience New Technologies: Hands-on demonstrations in the Discovery Theater of the latest software and tools designed to enhance financing operations.
Engage with Experts: Direct conversations with exhibitors to understand how their products and services can be tailored to specific business needs.
Discover Trends: Insight into emerging trends and future directions in non-prime auto financing, helping attendees stay ahead of the curve.

Rooftop Dessert Reception: A Sweet Evening
The rooftop dessert reception was a memorable evening event, combining delicious treats with a fun and relaxed networking environment. Glow-in-the-dark yard games added an element of playfulness, encouraging attendees to unwind and connect in a casual setting. The stunning views of the city skyline provided the perfect backdrop for conversations that ranged from professional topics to personal interests, fostering a sense of community among attendees.

Preview: A Day of Outstanding Speakers and More
Looking ahead to the upcoming sessions, the agenda presents a day packed with distinguished speakers who will address some of the most pressing issues in the industry:

• Affordability: Experts will discuss strategies to make auto financing more accessible to a broader audience, ensuring that more people can achieve vehicle ownership despite financial constraints.
• Compliance: Navigating the complex regulatory landscape is crucial for our industry. Speakers will provide insights into current compliance requirements and best practices to avoid legal pitfalls.
• Legal and Regulatory Outlooks: Stay informed about the latest legal and regulatory changes affecting auto financing. This session will offer valuable foresight into upcoming legislation and regulation and its potential impacts.
Executive Panel: A highlight of the conference, this panel features industry leaders sharing their visions for the future of non-prime auto financing. Their discussion will cover strategic initiatives, market trends, and innovations that will shape our industry in the years to come.

Closing Celebration: Dinner and Music with Live Band Karaoke

To cap off this incredible conference, we have planned a spectacular closing celebration. All attendees are welcome to enjoy an evening of dinner and music, featuring live band karaoke. This will be a fantastic opportunity to unwind, showcase musical talents, and enjoy the company in a festive and lively atmosphere. The celebration will provide the perfect finale to a day filled with learning, networking, and inspiration.

Final Morning: Strong Speakers to Round Out the Conference

Before wrapping up and heading home, the final morning features a strong line up of speakers to round out the conference. These sessions will delve into critical topics and provide actionable insights for attendees to take back to their organizations. Attendees can expect to hear from experts discussing:

• Subprime Auto Losses: Analyzing the trends and providing in-depth performance statistics, while highlighting issuance volume in the sector and the outlook for the rest of the year.
• Financial Fraud: Exploring the latest trends in financial fraud, detection techniques, and preventative measures to protect your business and customers.

The Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference is the premier industry event of the year, but the fun and learning aren’t over yet! Stay tuned for a comprehensive conference recap that will highlight all the key takeaways and memorable moments.

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin is the Executive Director of the NAF Association. [email protected]
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