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National Automotive Finance Association (NAF) Debuts Learning Gateway

A comprehensive platform for delivering compliance education

The NAF Association is proud to introduce a new and innovative learning management system for delivering compliance education to the auto financing industry. The Learning Gateway platform delivers a sharp design and superior functionality. The learning suite debuted with a soft launch in May.

Compliance is at the forefront of auto finance management. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau requires finance companies to have a comprehensive Compliance Management System (CMS), and the most critical part of a CMS is an educated workforce. With the program curriculum created by Hudson Cook, LLP, the NAF Association is committed to providing comprehensive compliance training to the auto financing community. Learn more about available compliance education programs HERE.

The Learning Gateway provides training options for various employees at auto finance organizations. The Certification Program is specifically tailored to the compliance professional, while the Certificate Program is designed for front-line staff.

The NAF Association offers the Consumer Credit Compliance Certification Program to help consumer finance companies and other stakeholders in the industry tackle the increasingly difficult challenge of complying with federal and state regulatory requirements. This Certification Program provides the compliance professional with a solid working knowledge of the federal laws and regulations that govern consumer credit, together with a representative overview of state consumer credit law. Learn more about the program HERE.

The NAF Association also offers five online compliance training programs to help member companies with the training of their front-line staff. These programs are targeted online learning modules addressing the laws and regulations that most closely apply to a particular functional area. Each program includes two case studies. The case studies test the knowledge of the laws and regulations in the context of a “real world” scenario. The five program options include Collector Certificate, Underwriter Certificate, Contract Auditing & Funding Certificate, Dealers Sales Representative Certificate, and Customer Service Representative Certificate. Learn more about the program HERE.

With the launch of the Learning Gateway, learners can now enjoy a streamlined experience and log into their courses directly through their NAF Association Member Compass login. Once a program has been purchased, the learning plan and courses are immediately accessible through the member account. Learners can view their dashboard, work their way through the assigned material, and easily track their progress. Managers also have the ability to log in and monitor employee activity and progress.

Graduates of the Certification Program are encouraged to participate in the Compliance Roundtable Program. The Compliance Roundtable Program provides a peer-to-peer learning environment with fellow members who hold similar positions and deal with similar challenges. It offers a forum where participants can collaborate to solve problems together and remain in contact between meetings. The benefits of this type of alliance can dramatically reduce legal compliance costs for many companies. Learn more about the program HERE.

Another new feature being released soon will make it easy for graduates of the Certification Program to upload documentation for continuing education credits and apply for recertification. Recertification is the process of renewing one’s certification status. All graduates should be prepared to continue to learn, grow and increase their knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations that govern consumer credit, including law changes and regulatory environment developments. Learn more about recertification HERE.

Compliance education programs are available to members and non-members, although members can take advantage of favorable pricing. Learn more about membership with the NAF Association HERE.

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin is the Executive Director of the NAF Association. [email protected]
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