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Agora Data Launches Capital Program for Small to Mid-Tier Finance Companies

ARLINGTON, Texas, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Agora Data, Inc., a¬†fintech company providing technology, capital, and guidance with predictable loan performance and analytics, has launched a new program catered to meet the needs of small to mid-sized finance companies. This new program combines traditional bulk transactions with on-going flow arrangements. To kick-off the new program, Agora announces the successful completion of the inaugural funding of a $35 million-dollar transaction with additional follow-on capacity for $100 million for Freeway Funding, Inc. This new strategic financing capability provides consumer finance companies like Freeway Funding with seamless liquidity and the ability to accelerate growth plans.

“Agora is a trusted strategic partner, providing Freeway Funding a competitive advantage through advanced technology and robust capital resources. Its support has significantly increased our credit capacity, enabling us to meet our expanding capital requirements now and in the future,” said David Rabin, CEO and President of Freeway Funding, Inc.

“It’s a pleasure to collaborate with forward-thinking finance companies that seek innovative funding solutions and business improvements,” said Sharon Mancero, Managing Director of Agora Data. “Agora is dedicated to fostering growth for small to mid-tier auto finance companies. Our financial solutions provide these businesses with substantial capital, enhancing their ability to serve independent and franchise dealers and boost profitability.”

Agora Data provides access to capital markets without relinquishing ownership. By offering off-balance sheet non-recourse credit facilities, without the need for personal guarantees, Agora enables finance companies to receive $100 million in new capital and access the capital markets, fostering business expansion and financial stability.

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