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PassTime Announces Next Generation TRAX Device

PassTime launches TRAX 7, a ground-up redesign of its advanced asset tracking solution

LITTLETON, Colorado—6/18/2024—PassTime, a leading provider of advanced asset tracking solutions, announced today the launch of TRAX 7, the newest version of the company’s TRAX platform.

The TRAX 7 marks one of the most significant enhancements to date of the TRAX platform that PassTime originally launched in 2009. The TRAX platform was developed as a simple-to-use and cost-effective automotive asset tracking solution, giving customers reliable and accurate tracking at an affordable price. TRAX 7 builds on the evolution of previous versions, maintaining its origin while adding enhanced features and capabilities, and broadening its scope of use.

The TRAX 7 debuts a completely redesigned form factor and enclosure that is thirty percent smaller than the previous model. The enclosure is IP66 & IP68 certified, making TRAX 7 dust-tight and waterproof against high pressure water spray such as what’s used at self-service carwashes and submersion at depths up to 6 feet for 60 minutes, making it perfect for powersport and other rugged applications in addition to automotive and other 12V vehicle applications.

Asset tracking is also greatly improved with the TRAX 7. With a new GPS engine and processing system, TRAX 7 has greatly enhanced GPS accuracy and performance. Additionally, PassTime’s patented Beyond GPS™ system has been added to TRAX 7, which provides cellular location technology to the device in addition to GPS, providing vital location information about the asset automatically if GPS cannot provide location data.

The all-new TRAX 7 redesign has been completely re-engineered with a greatly enhanced power management system and complemented with carefully selected ultra-low power consumption components. TRAX 7, consuming only one-sixth the power of the model it replaces, helps ensure the solution can be used on assets with a wide variety of battery types and storage needs without the concern of unanticipated battery drain. Additionally, TRAX 7 features an internal back-up battery to provide up to 21 hours of continuing operation, alerts and location data when external power is lost.

With a new wiring configuration, TRAX 7 is the most versatile version to date, giving customers the flexibility to take advantage of optional features based upon their needs. In addition to its standard features, TRAX 7 can be configured for vehicle disable and ignition monitoring, and as a new feature, has the ability to control vehicle door locks, perfect for rideshare, rental, and other applications.

“The TRAX 7 is the most advanced solution that we have developed to date, and we are extremely proud of the team that helped bring this device to market. Every aspect of the device has been designed, redesigned or enhanced with our expanding customer base in mind. The features and flexibility of the TRAX 7 are truly amazing and will undoubtedly meet the ever-growing needs of our customers,” stated PassTime’s CTO Todd Goodnight.

The TRAX 7 is immediately available for purchase and will begin shipping this month. For more information or to place an order, contact PassTime.

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